Website design and developed by Miles Essex

Examples of my work

Jenny Lewisohn

Jenny provided me with her own designs which gave me a great head start on building this site. It has all the qualities of a musician’s site that I like (and I can’t take credit for this one!). A minimal and elegant design with simple navigation, great photographs, a lovely palette that ties in neatly with the key colours in the images. I liked the colours so much I’ve borrowed one for this site!

Dante Quartet

With a number of important events in the pipeline the Dante Quartet’s old website was in need of a refresh when I was contacted back in 2016. I worked with Krysia to bring existing photographs and styling from the quartet’s publicity material. This site was quick to build and kept to budget.


Catherine Manson (London Haydn Quartet) commissioned me to build this resource for the renowned MusicWorks chamber music courses in 2013. We initially built the site using a prepaid WordPress theme. It was an inexpensive starting point to get a good looking site up and running quickly. Problems started creeping in after five years when the theme’s code fell out of date. I rebuilt the site from the ground up, keeping the original style but bringing in a more modern navigation system and a world of flexibility that a custom theme provides.